Thursday, April 18, 2013

Touchdown Mermaid

In our final post before leaving the contiguous 48 states for some fucking vacation, PYB thanks Murph for corresponding from South Bend, Ind., with an up close shot of the Little Mermaid himself -- David Robinson -- as he accompanied his son on a visit to Notre Dame. Quite possibly the biggest in-person star power that PYB has seen to this date. Nice job.

Poor job from the fag in the argyle sweater, who unbeknownst to us, was jocking the 10-time NBA All Star for a picture. Not once. Not twice. But five times--while Robinson's family watched--until he got a shot that he liked. Reports say the seven-footer was a gentleman all around, despite the uncomfortable circumstances. PYB will put him in the Good Guy category, even though he rode Tim Duncan's coattails to his NBA titles and cheated to win the 1993-94 scoring championship.

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