Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Joke, from State Farm...

Would you buy insurance from this guy? The same stud that pumps iron at our gym every morning at 530am sharp? The same stud that played football at Kansas State? Well, probably not. We're content paying half as much for equal coverage elsewhere. Anyhow, we MAY reconsider since he has a car wrapped with his own face on it that tells us how awesome he is AND that he played NFL football. Because that makes all the difference! If my car got totaled, I'd want the peace of mind knowing that a guy who played kickoff team in the NFL for three weeks was on my side....

What are you wearing, Joke, from State Farm? Duh....a skin-tight, sleeveless Under Armour shirt so my arms stay free to do curls with the biggest dumbbells on the rack!


  1. From WikiPedia: Shull was undrafted in 2004 but was signed by the Detroit Lions as a free agent on April 26, 2004. On September 4, 2004 he was released and two days later he was signed by the Detroit Lions to the practice squad.

    Kickoff team is mighty generous.


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