Saturday, March 9, 2013

1989, The Number

PYB reporting for some quick Saturday opinions, as we watch NBA TV highlights of Debbie Gibson performing at halftime of Friday's Detroit-Dallas game...Only in My Dreams:

--In Austin, it's not about the money....but it's about helping overpay the most overpaid coach in college football as he helps his Longhorns to a .500 record. Apparently, the LHN isn't paying as many bills as it should, especially since nobody in Texas even has it on their cable/satellite package. Hell, if PYB was a Texas fan, we'd have to be shitfaced too to watch that offense.

--We're quite certain this is a story that didn't need to be written. We can't imagine why a 21-year-old kid wouldn't want to talk publicly about a father in the midst of a sexual scandal.

--We liked this story and vividly remember sitting in our living room watching Wahoo make the comeback against the entitled pricks from Pius X. We also remember the crushing loss that the York Dukes absorbed in the district finals mentioned in the story. We did, however, forget that YHS held a 10-point, fourth-quarter lead. Ouch.

FYI we did skim this story because it was entirely too long due to Dirk's windbag ways. Also, for the record, PYB was 15 at the time so Dirk was several years younger and his 'vivid' memories are certainly exaggerated. The Millard South-Columbus game, outside of the finish, was boring as shit because A) The teams scored in the 40s in typical bullshit Nebraska high school walk-it-up fashion and 2) It followed the Class B game, which was one of the best five finishes we've ever witnessed at any level of basketball.

These games, to be certain, were part of the Golden Age for the Devaney Center (NU was just getting good at this time). The days when the arena would be at max capacity by the middle of the Class B championship game. A capacity, which at that time, was 14,000+ and was said to be overflowing with more than 15,000 spectators after standing room only was tallied. Days where great Class B contests led to superstar Class A appearances of Terrance Badgett, Erick Strickland, Andre Woolridge and Tad Jurgens. Days where Nebraska high-school stars became NBA players, professional baseball players, conference scoring-and- assist leaders, and poker stars. Now, we're stuck with the feel-good stories of 340-pound Brazilian bouncers.

By the time the Class A game started, it was a powder keg of excitement. So a few years later, of course, in its infinite wisdom, the NSAA did the obvious -- move the Class A game to a 1:30pm tip in the day's first session. Jesus....perhaps we should have known that sports was on the decline at that point. "Let's placate a few fat folks bitching about parking availability because they arrived 25 minutes before game time by killing the whole buzz of the championship Saturday." Fuck yeah.

Anyhow, this was 1989 and the Devaney was regularly rocking as Nebraska basketball got good, became a Top 25 team, won a Big Eight Tournament title, got some high seeds in the NCAA Tournament, choked a few times, won an NIT Championship, then turned to shit and relinquished exciting times to Runza Rex, priority chair-back floor seating, Barry Collier and an embarrassingly bland environment complete with video-board bullshit and the timeout music soundtracks with the freshest tunes from 10 years before. Chumbawumba rules, and if you don't like them, this will surely get you pumped.... Moving on....

--Tiger Woods is back!!! He's back leading the limited field at a meaningless WGC events at a shitty course in the ghettoes of Miami. Make sure to tune in to watch the announcers stroke their cocks to every move he makes and to see the browning Bermuda grass. Bienvenidos a Miami....

All we got....As real as it may seem, we're done rambling....PYB

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