Saturday, November 3, 2012

Crown Royal

PYB strides into another Saturday with anticipation, giddy about watching Taylorina Martinez become the GOAT as far as Nebraska quarterbacks are concerned while wondering of the Cornhuskers can handle prosperity during a road matchup against Michigan State in East Lansing...

--Amazingly, Martinez has racked up enough yardage to outpace any of his NU predecessors but has yet to win a big game. Guess that's what happens when recruiting suffers so badly that Bo Pinelli and his crew has to rely on a scatter-armed, hare-brained QB to lead the team. His coronation as Queen of Husker Football will be a sight to behold.

--Speaking of losers, it's nice to see Dwight Howard is making an immediate impact in Los Angeles, where the Lakers are on pace to go 0-82. So far, his wristband collection outnumbers his LA win collection by at least four.

--Speaking of queens, LeBron James and the "reigning' NBA champions did all they could but weren't able to manage to stay within 20 of the Amare Stoudemire-less New York Knicks on Friday.

--Apparently, the Lincoln Urinal's Steve Sipple does have some good insights on college football. Maybe he should get someone to write them down for him all the time.

--Looks like just a matter of time before PYB's long-held prediction comes true: the Chicago Cubs' Carlos Marmol will become MLB's greatest closer -- once he's traded. There's no doubt he'll be the second coming of Mariano Rivera immediately after leaving the Windy City. See: Dennis Eckersley and countless other ex-Cubs for proof that this will come true.

--Reading the Omaha World Herald this week, it's apparent that the Nebraska football team is awesome once again. Beating a Michigan team without Denard Robinson proved that NU finally got over the hump, as the public apparently learned nothing from the 2011 game against Ohio State.

We shall see if the Cornhuskers can handle the Big Ten's "big stage" today. But we're not forgetting NU's road performances so far this season -- atrocious efforts at UCLA and Ohio State and an error-filled last-minute win at Northwestern....

We'll see you on the flip side tomorrow.....

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