Saturday, July 21, 2012

$25,000 Sack Pyramid

Enjoying the July MLB doldrums, we noticed:

--Rick Reilly slurping Eldrick Woods' cock this morning on an ESPN feature documenting just how amazing Woods is because he holed out an easy sand shot to close his second round at Royal Lytham & St. Annes. The shot became an excuse for a four-minute montage about Woods' heroics. He is, after all, just four shots back of the lead. At this rate, he'll only lose by eight shots. PYB also remembers his being crowned US Open champion this year after two rounds at Olympic Club (aka Olympic Course if you work for the York News Times).

--Speaking of The Open Championship, nice water in the bunkers. Also, is anything more ridiculous than calling it "The Open Championship?" Maybe, The Ohio State University....

--PYB stumbled across the Game Show Network last night and watched a lady win the $25,000 prize. Nothing better than listening to Dick Clark go berzerk when the board with the clues got stuck and wouldn't move to the final topic. "Hurry....Turn It!....TURN IT!!!"  We also appreciated the fact that to win, you had to be intelligent and not a slut, to win money. The outrageous 1980s hair, glasses and clothing were also great additions.

--Well that's all for now, our schedule is still full so posts will still be sporadic. Enjoy the OVERHYPE about how awesome it is that football is nearing. We just get excited when we think about the fact that one of NU's worst QBs in the last 30 years is set to become a four-year starter.

This should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area.....


  1. And PYB- TVag is on the Davey O'Brien watch comment??

  2. Dynamite closing Chronic drop

  3. What can we say? It's the generation where everyone gets a ribbon.

  4. I know DOC....Dre gonna do my music & shit....