Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rumors of a Demise...

PYB is back. Our six-month maternity leave is over -- almost. Before going full throttle, we decided to ease back into the game with some easy preseason thoughts. We missed so much, but missed so little. Queen James failed again. Tiger IS(n't) back. Tiger shot an 85. The media still hinged on every broken swing. America pretended to care about soccer -- women's soccer. Tom Shatel referenced eating food in every single column.

And the Chicago Cubs are 11 games over .500 -- in July -- yet still 8.5 games out of first place and barely in wild-card contention. As Bo Pinelli always said, wait until next year.

On to it:

Nobody can stop DeSean Jackson. Except the six teams that held him under 50 yards last year and the three others that held him under 90 yards. And Robert Griffin III. R! G! 3!

Taking a page from Terrells Suggs' playbook, the Morris brothers are in trouble in Phoenix. Neither likes to set foot inside the lane on a basketball court. They're not afraid, of course, to cheap shot a former mentor along with a few other guys in a parking lot. 

Apparently, James Harden is considering a $200 million dollar shoe deal with Adidas. PYB thought fat people preferred Rockports? Considering Adidas' 20-year rut, Rockports may be more fashion forward.

Arian Foster got hurt in Week 1 -- of the preseason. He can go back to doing what he does best -- arguing with fans on Twitter while pretending to be an intellectual.

Jadeveon Clowney's bust of a career took another wrong turn, to no fault of his own. when his dad tried to off someone in a Rock Hill, SC, bar. Chili Bean Morgan (not Clowney) let a few rounds slip when Pork Chop was trippin'. Hopefully, none of you have been to Rock Hill.

That's all we have -- a trip to the driving range before returning to the course. And like Tiger Woods, we're about ready to turn a corner and contend for majors once again.

For now, off for another exciting day as a corporate hack. But, as a wise man once said after conquering a crappy Pac 10 team with his predecessor's players on a December night in San Diego: PYB is back -- and we're here to stay!

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