Monday, April 21, 2014

Rocket Woman

PYB apologizes for a long layoff. Crazy times. Not much news. A trip to the Masters in between. That said, let's go:

--This story got printed? We're just glad Scott Gutschewski had the foresight to call out that the only thing preventing Nebraska from hosting a major PGA golf tournament is the fact that the state does not have a course capable of handling such an event. Minor detail.

--Just when we thought the Nebraska baseball team was on the right track moving toward a Big 10 championship, Darin Erstad's squad nearly got swept by 8-24 Northwestern in Lincoln. They'll have to sweep a series or two on the way in to overtake powerhouses like Indiana and Illinois -- a murderer's row.

--As mentioned, PYB attended last week's Masters. Great course, great food, great talent (in more than one way, which was an unexpected surprise). A Friday night stay in Madison, GA, produced a great meal, a cool impromptu tour of some beautiful homes and reminders of the Civil War.

Saturday included a walk of the whole course, sampling of every sandwich and drink of the menu and literally thousands of men incapable of dressing themselves. (See pic above of douchebag at the Atlanta airport in Masters shirt, plaid pants and golf shoes.....on a Friday! And, just for the record, he'll never fucking lose his keys OR sunglasses.)

The tournament itself lacked the weekend drama of many preceding years, which we considered a blessing as we prefer to be posted up on the couch for Saturday and Sunday.

--Superwoman losing playoff games she should win and a liability in the fourth quarter. Anyone heard that before?

--Speaking of NBA tank jobs, the teams we expected to fizzle early, despite their marketing prowess, all lost in their first games:

1. LA Clippers and Chris Paul: high flying and dunking in the regular season. No legitimate halfcourt game in playoffs. It's his DNA.

2. Indiana Pacers: Simply awful during the last 25 games of the season. Their star Paul George shot 37% the last month. An early exit will be an indication of what the team is, not a fluke.

3. Houston Rockets: See above. James Harden 8/28 in the opening game, forcing shot after shot. Superwoman a complete hindrance in the clutch, with no balls to elevate his team to a higher level. LaMarcus Aldridge taking out the Rockets' defensive spark plug with a cheap-as-hell illegal screen. Recipe for disaster.

That said, playoff mainstays San Antonio and Miami had trouble shaking lesser opponents in Dallas and Charlotte. It will be interesting to see what develops and what gets rigged the next two months.

--Before we forget, PYB offers best wishes to Craig Sager.

--Nebraska spring football happened. Every position is stockpiled better than any year in the last 20. Bo Pinelli is nice now. Every player transformed his body and is twice as strong as he was in January after the bowl game. Trending up in Lincoln! Wow.

Given all that good news, we've still got the game/scrimmage/grabass session on the DVR to watch and plan to be back with our takeaways at a later date.

We're gonna run for now. Duty calls. We'll be back soon.


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