Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dead Hot Sweatshop

PYB provides a quick postscript to last evening's post, as we regrettably forgot to inform our readers that Nike sucks. After never seeing in it the 30 years prior, we saw two NBA players blow through shoes in the same week. Manu Ge-no-ba-lee and Andrew Bogut.

We've experienced these plastic pieces of shit first hand. After wearing a pair (briefly) for pickup games, our ankles and achilles have never been the same.

Nike needs to hire better quality control engineers to torture the kids in its Asian factories. Either that, or forget about cavity-back drivers, shutter its disastrous golf division, get back to basics and quit charging $129.00 for glorified aqua socks.

If you don't believe us, let an Oakland Raider fan confirm it for you. WTF, bro.

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