Sunday, January 12, 2014

This is a Gang, and I'm In It

-Dirk Chatelain ripped Nebraska fans' poor effort against Michigan this past Thursday. PYB could not agree more. Tie game. Second half. Dead silent. Just like in football, the NU home crowd is a bunch of quitters. Apparently, serving beer WOULD help. So would having more white trash to attract as 'fans', like Creighton does. Omaha has a lot more scum to draw from than does the Star City (in volume, not percentage of scum per capita). Fire up some mid-week 32-ounce specials and play "Taking Care of Business" on the PBA's state-of-the-art sound system -- raucous in an instant.

Up next for Tim Miles' squad: another road game this morning at Purdue, where the Boilers are a six-point favorite. Just six?

-We also thought about Chatelain's stupid "rank the recruiting impact" Twitter poll. A waste of time, but as we see Lavonte David and Alfonzo Dennard impacting NFL's noticeable how fewer and fewer Nebraska players are on pro rosters....and how even fewer play prominent roles. In a very quick mental scan of the 12 NFL playoff teams, Dennard is the only former Cornhusker playing regularly. Not good.

How does NU expect to get out of the doldrums? Apparently, by beating Utah out for two-star wide receiver recruits who run 4.87 40-yard dashes. Allegedly, the experts say he can get down to a 4.4. Huh?????? Apparently, it's a good thing NU "doesn't believe" in publishing said times. We're fine.

-DeSean Jackson's gun got ganked. Apparently, a finesse receiver who won't go over the middle of opposing defenses is a real motherfuckin' G.

-Did anyone else catch the NBA Nickname Game on Friday between Miami and New Jersey? As if seeing the team's stars prance around with fabricated monikers wasn't enough, seeing a bona fide piece of shit like Michael Beasley wear a "B-Easy" jersey nearly made us puke.

-Speaking of potheads, have fun with this Missouri. Perhaps they can dust off the annals of how they covered up Anthony Peeler's alleged rape to make this messy drug thing go away.

-Marcus Jordan tweeted out a dong shot last year. How did we miss this? Google it at your own risk.

That's all we have this fine Sunday. Enjoy the NFL playoffs.

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